Title Tech Council

Are you an innovator? Do you constantly find yourself brainstorming new ways to increase efficiency in day to day processes? Are you always on the hunt for new technologies in the title and real estate industries?

Welcome to Title Tech Council, an exclusive network of industry professionals who are innovators and early adopters looking to create a better tomorrow for title companies and their client's. At Title Tech Council, we've created a community of tech-forward title professionals looking to network, discuss and evaluate new solutions. Join us today!

Benefits to you:

  1. Help shape the future of technology in the ever-evolving title industry.

  2. Membership to an exclusive community of tech-forward title professionals.

  3. First look and early access to new technology prior to public release.

What SafeChain WILL DO:

  1. Provide networking opportunities with industry experts and forward thinking title professionals.

  2. Give members a platform to influence and provide feedback on new technologies impacting your industry.

  3. Provide a forum for members to discuss changes and advancements in technology.

  4. Deliver actionable recommendations on technology best practices.

What SafeChain WILL NOT DO:

  1. Charge you a membership fee.

  2. Open the group up to anyone who has not been screened.

  3. Allow spamming of any kind.

Get your wheels spinning and check out the resources below!