SafeChain Summer Camp 2018

What you need to succeed

  • Sign up to carpool
  • Send Rob your Phoenix Challenge response
  • Sign up for a suitemate
    • All suites have two separate sleeping rooms and two bathrooms
    • Each room has at least two sleeping spots: a king bed, a sofa couch, bunk beds
  • Pack a bit:
    • Laptop/tablet
    • Laptop charger
    • Casual clothes, including mud/hike friendly stuff
    • Swimsuit (optional, we mean, uh, you know, if you're going to swim, you should have a swimsuit) - There is an indoor pool, a sandy beach, and designated swimming area on the lake.  


July 19

Carpool pickup at the office - Please be prompt.  Breakfast sandwiches and to-go coffee provided.

10:30am - 11:30am
Find your suitemate, find your room, unpack.  All rooms are suites, two private rooms, each with their own bathroom.  

11:30am - 12pm
Lunch provided @ The Lodge, an intro by Tony

12pm - 12:30pm
The Phoenix Challenge - details TBA.

12:30pm - 3:30pm
Guild, Benefits, Culture/Diversity Workshop

Objective: Harness the power of teams to progress on three important areas of SafeChain: Professional development, Benefits, and Culture/Diversity.

Approach: We will split the group into three smaller teams.  Each team will spend time on the following topics.  Afterwards will we come back together in a larger group to evaluate the outcome.

> Guild - We will explore the benefits of a guild approach to professional development.  Your ideas will shape our training approach.

> Benefits - We will review the company’s current benefits structure and hear your thoughts on creative benefits that reflect our values.

> Culture/Diversity - We will discuss the challenges of maintaining the culture and diversity we all aspire to achieve and how you can help.  

Snack time in the main conference room

Boat, swimming (with swimsuit), canoe, kayak, hiking - Boats must be returned by 7pm

Dinner offsite - The McShuttle leaves the lodge at 7.  Arrive anytime after 6.  The McShuttle will make trips on request back to the lodge for those that are done for the evening.  Find a McNamara to travel.

July 20

Breakfast is served

9:30 - 3pm
"Embed Our Values" Workshop/Hackathon

Objective: Relax, have fun, be creative, make a friend

Approach: Some of the best ideas come from outside of work.  That poignant reflective moment, a happy hour with colleagues, or a productive walk to lunch.  We want to use the Burr Oak Lodge to amplify your ideas.   

Find a friend, or go at it alone.  Go out of your way to work with someone new, or don’t.  Work from the conference center, or go on a walk.  Think of our Rockefeller Rocks, think about our values, or think about something completely different.

Here’s the catch: At 3pm we’re going to meet back up as a team and ask everyone to share their experience.  

Possible examples:
> Slackbots that automate process or info sharing
> Proposals for sustainable community service in our local or world-wide community
> Improve/automate internal documentation to help on-boarding new colleagues
> Improve tools for directness conversations internally (360s?)

There are no serious constraints, but try to align to the values and don’t muck it up for everyone else.

Feel free to grab Rob or McNamara any time prior to talk about the goals of this part of the retreat.

Lunch is served in the dining room

Snack time in the main conference room

3pm - 4pm
Wrap-up back at the main conference area

Head home  👋

Unofficial Afterparty 11pm
Damn Girl Columbus @ Skully's Music Diner

If you need an adult

Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center
740 767 2112

Matt McNamara
937 239 8549

Rachel George
614 406 7833

Rob Zwink
614 806 1990

Over 16 rivers and through the woods, to Burr Oak Lodge we go!

Directions from Columbus to the Lodge (1 hour 30 mins):
10660 Burr Oak Lodge Rd, Glouster, Ohio 45732
Take 33 South to 78 North @ Nelsonville.  Stay on 78 North and follow signs to Burr Oak State Park.

Directions from the Lodge to Friday dinner (15 minutes):
3717 Vicksville Lane, Glouster, Ohio 45732
Leave the lodge by turning left onto 78.  Turn left onto Mountville Road (look for sign that reads Dock #3).  Turn right onto Vicksville Lane. Drive all the way to the end of Vicksville Lane.  Cabin is on the right. 3717 Vicksville Lane, Glouster, Ohio 45732