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Introducing SafeWire by SafeChain

Property transactions and payer authentication are complex, time consuming, and resource intensive with detrimental consequences when incidents occur. SafeWire offers a multi-layers fraud solution that will minimize fraud losses and operational costs while maximizing revenue for your title company.

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White Paper

The State of Fraud Today

Special agents from the FBI Cyber Crime Unit recently visited SafeChain Headquarters to take a deep dive into responsive action plans for a fraud scenario. The following is a summary of our discussion with special agents and insight from the former “Internet Godfather,” Brett Johnson.



3 Ways to Combat Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Since 2015, there has been a 1,110% increase in BEC attempts. Today, it’s the go-to fraud scheme by cybercriminals. We developed a checklist to help title companies protect against BEC fraud scheme scenarios and implement best practices in their offices.

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Blockchain 101

In today's hyperconnected and digitized world, countless transactions take place every second. However, a significant portion of the digitized information is hosted on disparate systems which results in a lack of transparency, efficiency, and a higher incidence of inaccuracies resulting in greater potential for fraud. See how SafeChain's blockchain technology is poised to eliminate today's problems in property transactions and the real estate industry.