Priscilla's lunch with SafeChain

August 30th 2018
12pm - 1:30pm

Preparing for your adventure

Parking is behind our building in Spot #66 (the spot may say First Merit Bank - it's okay!) - additional information on parking is below. Bike parking is available in our office - bring your bike up to the floor with you and we'll get you squared away. We do have showers in the building - please plan ahead and get here early enough to accommodate that with our schedule for the day.

If it's guidance you seek...

Jeff Frazier (Director of Design & UX)

Rachel George (Office Administration and EA)
614 406 7833

Getting you to our suite, #550

We are located at 250 S Civic Center Drive, Suite 550. When you enter the building, there are four different elevators in the building, to succeed in your quest to our office, you must use elevators #1 or #2, to the 5th floor (elevator #2's light for the 5th floor is out - sorry about that!).


Your Destination

250 S Civic Center Drive, Suite 550, Columbus, OH 43215

Parking Spot #66 ("First Merit Bank")

Lifting you up to our suite, #550


Additional parking options if needed

SafeChain parking map.png

If your plans change the day-of and you suddenly need parking, there are multiple parking lots and garages by the office that we will reimburse you for.