Independent Agent Prior Policy Marketplace

Protecting Your Title Work.


About the Prior Policy Marketplace

The marketplace utilizes blockchain technology to protect your title work and enables agent-to-agent transfers of prior title insurance policies, driving down search costs for member agencies. You’ll be rewarded for the prior policies you add to the system and get instant access to Ohio’s largest marketplace of prior policies.

The Details

  • 100% free to set up

  • Access only the priors you trust

  • Earn money on your canceled files

  • Control the pricing of your policies

  • Give re-issue credit to more customers

  • Seamlessly upload and download valuable documents

About SafeChain

SafeChain makes real estate transactions safer and modernizes operations for both the public and private sectors of the land title industry. Built by real estate title experts in collaboration with banking technologists, SafeChain tackles the inefficiencies of the home buying and selling process from the inside-out to help title companies, mortgage bankers, realtors and local governments decrease costs and deliver a better experience for customers. Leveraging the most advanced technologies, including blockchain, SafeChain increases the speed and security of real estate closings to deliver faster transactions and better consumer confidence.

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The Marketplace is backed by these nationally-reputable companies: