Nicole's On-site
July 13th 2018
10am - 12:30pm

Preparing for your adventure

Please let us know if you will be driving so we can ensure your parking spot is available.  Parking is behind our building in Spot #79 (the spot may say First Merit Bank - it's okay!) - additional information on parking is to the right.

You do not need to bring a laptop or any materials for this interview.

Bike parking is available in our office - bring your bike up to the floor with you and we'll get you squared away.  We do have showers in the building - please plan ahead and get here early enough to accommodate that with our schedule for the day.

If it's guidance you seek...

Matt McNamara (Head of Organizational Growth)
937 239 8549

Rachel George (Office Administration and EA)
614 406 7833

Lifting you up to our suite, #550


We are located at 250 S Civic Center Drive, Suite 550.  When you enter the building, there are four different elevators in the building, to succeed in your quest to our office, you must use elevators #1 or #2, to the 5th floor (elevator #2's light for the 5th floor is out - sorry about that!).

Our plan for you during your interview

Subject to change:

10am: Chat with Callan Harrington, VP of Sales & Marketing

11am: Chat with Matt Veryser, Head of Product


Your Destination

250 S Civic Center Drive, Suite 550, Columbus, OH 43215

Parking Spot #79 ("First Merit Bank")

Please let us know ahead of time if you need parking. 

If your plans change the day-of and you suddenly need parking, there are multiple parking lots and garages by the office that we will reimburse you for.  Please bring a receipt up with you to the office (or photo of the parking pass that includes the amount for parking).