County Auditors’ Association of Ohio Announces Working Group to Test Multi-County Real Estate Transaction System

COLUMBUS, OHIO, February 21, 2019 — The County Auditors’ Association of Ohio (CAAO) announced today that it has formed a working group to study how blockchain technology can be implemented at the county level to more effectively transfer property deeds.

“County Auditors are first and foremost interested in delivering efficient and competent service to Ohio taxpayers and frequently discuss ways to improve county services. In recognition of the State of Ohio’s overall initiatives to modernize government, the goal of this working group is to consider how County Auditors can be forward thinking to improve the taxpayer experience in conveying and transferring real property. For these types of projects to be successful and widely adopted, they require collaboration; County Auditors are eager to roll up our sleeves as a group early on.” said CAAO President, Stark County Auditor Alan Harold.

The group, chaired by Warren County Auditor Matt Nolan, is comprised of 11 County Auditors representing a diverse group of counties from across the state. In addition to Nolan, current members include:

  • Delaware County Auditor George Kaitsa

  • Franklin County Auditor-Elect Michael Stinziano

  • Guernsey County Auditor Tony Brown

  • Henry County Auditor Kevin Garringer

  • Medina County Auditor Michael Kovack

  • Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith

  • Perry County Auditor Drew Cannon

  • Stark County Auditor Alan Harold

  • Union County Auditor Andrea Weaver

  • Washington County Auditor Elect Matthew Livengood

  • Wayne County Auditor Jarra Underwood

  • Wyandot County Auditor George Kitzler

“County Auditors’ offices have some of the most technologically advanced operations from public officials around the state. Although we have a lot of work to do meet our goals, we have a committed group of engaged officials to advance their knowledge and expertise to enhance technology and improve government operations to the benefit of the taxpayer” Nolan said. “CAAO has set an extremely high standard for getting involved in technology projects due to the need to recognize its members’ diverse needs; this makes the formation of this working group particularly noteworthy. We have assembled a group of forward-thinking, collaborative officials, ready to get to work.”

Meetings of the working group will initially be held via conference calls, to include discussions on operating principles and setting goals. They will also view a demonstration from ex officio member Tony Franco of SafeChain to review ongoing current projects in the state.

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Nate Selby