Michael Holden's Visit
10am - 2pm


Please plan on parking behind our building in Spot #79 (the spot may say First Merit Bank) - additional information on parking is below.

If you have any questions, please contact

Rachel George (Office Administration and EA)
614 406 7833

Your Destination

250 S Civic Center Drive, Suite 550, Columbus, OH 43215


Parking Spot #79 (at the back of the building)

If for some reason the parking spot is not available, there are multiple parking lots and garages by the office that we will reimburse you for.  Please bring a receipt up with you to the office (or photo of the parking pass that includes the amount for parking).


Lifting you up to our suite, #550

When you enter the building, there are four different elevators in the building, you must use elevators #1 or #2, to the 5th floor.