Frequently Asked Questions

What is SafeWire?

With the rapidly growing threat of cyber fraud and the increased sophistication of hackers, SafeWire is a new verification software that is a necessity for keeping you and your clients safe. Through a cutting edge combination of multi-factor authentication and blockchain technology, SafeWire uses a series of tests to verify the identities of buyers and sellers account information in real estate transactions.

Will SafeWire integrate with my current title software or will we have to re-learn an entirely new program?

While SafeWire will not necessarily “integrate” with your current software, you can view it more as an addition to what you already have implemented. SafeWire adds a layer of security that current softwares are lacking, so no need to re-learn a new program but more so implement an extra safety precaution.

How long does it take to install, set up, and start learning/using SafeWire?

With SafeWire there is no installation required! All of your title office employees will operate in SafeChain’s secure web portal, and your customers within SafeWire. Your account manager will help get your office administrator set up in the portal and you can start authenticating buyer and seller identities as soon as you finish viewing the training videos.

Since I’m not downloading anything, what web browsers do you support?

SafeWire was built to function across multiple web browsers and platforms, these include:

  • Chrome 65 or higher
  • Firefox 59 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 11 or higher
  • Opera 52 or higher

Don't see your office's browser on here? Give us a shout!

Are there documented procedures on how to use SafeWire?

We want to empower your title office to use SafeWire to its fullest potential. Upon becoming a licensed customer, your account manager will conduct a live webinar training. Following that session, we will distribute training videos, manuals and you will be assigned a dedicated support representative so that your title office can begin protecting your clients.

How does multi-factor authentication work and why is it important to my business?

SafeWire’s multi-factor authentication process collects several pieces of unique information to verify the identity of buyers and sellers within a real estate transaction and confirms ownership of their associated bank accounts. Using our proprietary algorithm, SafeWire analyzes this information and will notify your office if the buyer/seller has been:

  • Verified - Proceed to wire funds confidently
  • Alert - Proceed with caution, we have reason to believe this is a possible fraud scenario (with an explanation of why)
  • Unverified - Your client has not taken the necessary steps to verify his/her identity

What precautions does SafeChain take to ensure my office and client’s data remains safe and secure?

We use banking level security to ensure the safety of all data entered into SafeWire by title offices and their clients. We also do not store any bank logins entered by clients.

How am I charged for SafeWire? How much does it cost?

When signing up for SafeWire you can choose a plan that best fits the needs of your title office.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

If at any time you feel that SafeWire is not meeting your title office’s needs, you are able to cancel your subscription. Feel free to contact us to learn how SafeWire can help your title office.