Founder's Story: Chris Sauerzopf | CRO

A conversation with SafeChain Co-founder Chris Sauerzopf

What’s important about the work you’re doing at SafeChain?


With SafeWire, our first product, we’re helping to eliminate wire fraud. Since wire fraud was a billion dollar cost to title offices last year, of course our work is helping them save. But going deeper than the money, what we're really doing is helping title agency owners sleep at night.

One incident of fraud can put someone out of business. By giving title agencies a secure way to move money and to authenticate buyers and sellers, our software is giving them -- and their clients -- peace of mind. They can put their heads on their pillows at night knowing they're as safe from fraud as they can possibly be.

What’s your background?

After doing industrial design work for a few years after college, I had an opportunity to get into the mortgage business. From there, I moved into real estate sales, and for the last ten years I’ve been doing title. I started as a notary, where I'd go into people's homes and help with their paperwork, then got into sales, then built up a sales team, and finally became part owner of a title office.

Why did you help start SafeChain?

Working in title, I became successful at not only helping our business grow, but also helping real estate agents build their businesses. Through that process, I discovered a lot of inefficiencies that we tackled to make our company better. I knew that solving these problems could be bigger than what just one title company could do on its own. I felt like it really has to be an industry-wide, inside-out solution, so that's what we're building at SafeChain.

Honestly, the industry isn't doing a good job at providing a safe, good experience. We are changing that.

Why is SafeChain such a good fit for you?

My experience in the real estate space has been holistic. I know the problems and inefficiencies not just from a title perspective, but from a real estate agent perspective, from a lender's perspective -- from every angle, really. And often, the mistake that gets made is we silo things, put them into one bucket. But when you look at a massive problem like fraud, fraudsters don't care what part they intrude on. They're coming after any piece where they can get paid.

My history in the industry allows me to take a broad view of the entire real estate ecosystem. I'm able to look at where the opportunities exist to make things quicker and more efficient, to cut costs, to eliminate fraud, and I can guide SafeChain in addressing those head on.  

What excites you about coming to work each day?

SafeChain is building a zero to one idea. We're taking something that does not exist today and creating a solution for the future. That's super exciting and super challenging. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but if we're going to do something we might as well do something huge.

Krystine Monnett